Visit sustainable and local projects

Package 1

The Black grouse project & historical perspective on the Fens

The university of Liège has been reintroducing Black grouses in the High Fens. In April 2019, 25 Black grouses were captured in Sweden and successfully released in our beautiful nature.

Find out more about this emblematic endangered bird and the history of Fens and Men: how did the Fens emerge ? What was there before? What do Men have to do with their appearance? Are the Fens threatened nowadays?

Location: Fagne de la Poleur (Scientific Station)
Languages: English and French

Courant d’Air

Courant d’Air is a cooperative of citizens that invest in renewable and sustainable energy. They currently operate 3 wind turbines, they have an electric shared car, and have been investing in photovoltaic energy since 2017. People’s awareness to renewable energies is their core concern.

Location: Hostel Kaleo
Languages: French and/or German (but translations are possible!)

Package 2

La Grande Maison

Visit Anne and Mary’s “Big House”; a place to express your creativity (through sculpture, painting, sewing, etc.) and cooking skills in an environment-friendly way ! People are invited to take part to workshops and share their talents with others.

Location: Malmedy
Languages: French (but translations are possible)



The Terrenhof farm community manages the approx. 24ha farm as a cooperative of currently 7 members. The cooperative is open to people who want to associate themselves with biodynamic agriculture. The cooperative structure makes it possible for people without large private assets to practice biodynamic agriculture; what is needed is idealism, commitment and ability.


Location: Sankt Vith
Languages: German and/or English (translations are possible!)