Contents of weekend 0 (6th-7th of November 2020)

During this first weekend, we explored different environmental topics online. On the 6th of November, we watched short videos together, and debated about these videos. We also had a guest – Felipe from Chile – who explained us which were the main environmental issues in his country. On the Saturday, we had two presentations : one on biodiversity loss, by Ignace Schops, and the other one on climate change, by Sébastien Doutreloup. 

Short videos

“Forget about short showers”: questioning individual action
“Construire des murs de sable”: rise of sea level
“Une réfugiée climatique témoigne”: rise of sea level
“Isle of Flowers”: inequalities 




Pandemics and the environment

Presentations of the experts

Ignace Schops – Biodiversity loss
Sébastien Doutreloup – Climate Change
Felipe Rivas – Climate Change and Chilean biodiversity