Weekends for future 2022 has now been completed !

The project Weekends for future aims to organise capacity-building workshops in the High Fens. These weekends helped 15 Belgian youth between 18 and 30 years old lead environmental projects, by inviting them to workshops and lectures about climate change, biodiversity, project management, communication, etc. The participants also had the opportunity to work together on a concrete project.

The initial weekends were planned for 2020-2021, but the project had to be postponed due to the coronavirus health crisis, after a series of alternative online activities. We relaunched the project this winter 2022, face-to-face with a new group of participants! The closing event took place on May 8th.

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https://colibera.be/fr/We collaborated with the “Réseau Transition”. This non-profit has proven experience in facilitating sustainable projects.

Pauline Lemaire (Paulinisatrice) & Frauke Scheller (COlibéra) gave many of the workshops during the 3 weekends, in English, French, Dutch and German