Weekends for future

3 weekends in the High Fens to have a positive impact on our planet and its people ! 

Supporting youth for a more sustainable future


Work together with other young people from all around Belgium


Use a holistic approach to find innovative solutions to environmental and social issues


Lead positive actions in the High Fens and in your local community

3 weekends in the High Fens

Get the tools to engage meaningfully against climate change, biodiversity loss, and other systemic issues.

Weekend 1 - November 2020

Meet other youth passionate about our planet. Talk to experts on climate change and biodiversity loss. Visit local projects led by citizens. Improve your project management and teamwork skills.

Weekend 2 - January 2021

Learn more about social inequalities, domination schemes, and how there are linked to environmental disasters. Improve your communication skills. Build a project with other youth.

Weekend 3 - April 2021

Decode different stories about climate change, system collapse... Take care of your mental health. Organise an event to share your knowledge.


Youth from the 3 communities of Belgium (flemish, french and german-speaking) support Weekends for Future

Nele Van Hoyweghen

Lochristi, East Flanders

I joined the climate movement because I simply couldn't stand by and watch how our planet and future were being destroyed. I had to act.

Nadège Carlier

Waterloo, Walloon Brabant

This incredibly amazing system we live in is destroyed everyday a little more, by our fault. It scares me, but it’s also a powerful call to action : this current crisis should inspire us to conceive the world for tomorrow. For me, it’s just unthinkable to stay still and not to participate in this crucial movement. It’s about being on the right side of history !

Clara Falkenberg

Eupen, Eastbelgium
Clara face

All the solutions to the climate crisis are already on the table, not taking action is not an option to me. The vision of a better tomorrow drives me to protect the planet for all living beings.