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Our non-profit organisation aims to protect the quality of life and of the environment in 12 municipalities in the east of Belgium. Our main fields of action are nature conservation, urban planning and landscape protection, rural development (including sustainable tourism, agriculture and forestry). These goals can be achieved through innovation, partnerships and awareness-raising.

Located in the heart of the protected area, the Scientific Station of the High Fens was built in 1924 in order to study this peculiar area. Nowadays, it hosts a multidisciplinary team, studying both the history and the species of the High Fens. The Station also welcomes numerous pupils and students, in order to provide them a field-based scientific education.


The King Baudouin Foundation’s mission is to contribute to a better society.

The Foundation is an actor for change and innovation, serving the public interest and increasing social cohesion in Belgium and Europe. We seek to maximize our impact by strengthening the capacity of organizations and individuals. We also stimulate effective philanthropy by individuals and corporations.

The Foundation’s key values are integrity, transparency, pluralism, independence, respect for diversity, and promoting solidarity.

The Foundation’s current areas of activity are social justice & poverty, health, heritage and culture, social engagement, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Education and development of talents, Europe, climate, the environment and biodiversity.

With the help of the Jean Vin Fund (20th anniversary) and the Amélie fund, the King Baudouin Foundation provided 20 000€ to the “Weekends for future” project.


Nature Park High Fens - Eifel
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Nature Park High Fens - Eifel
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