Our 3 sustainable projects

Didactic vegetable garden

Clara Falkenberg, Lara Ferrante, Laurène Bebronne, Madeleine Huygens and Imad Achour

Madeleine, Clara, Laurène and Lara have rehabilitated the 3 vegetable garden in front of the Maison du Parc. Clara works at Terrenhof (a biodynamic farm in Eupen), so she was able to instruct her friends and provide the plants and seeds.

The group also created multilingual posters, which they printed on A4, laminated and stapled to the boxes. These posters address the themes of overconsumption of meat and fish, as well as the protection of the peat in the high fens.

This is a temporary installation, as the long-term project is to make these posters into real didactic panels.


Adelaina Kalbusch, Fabienne Heinrichs and Ella Tegenbos

Adelaina, Fabienne and Ella created the “Icollect” concept: the purpose is to encourage hikers to borrow a free plogging bag, and optionally a waste clip, from the reception of the Maison du Parc. The 3 girls created the design of a large multilingual educational panel explaining the importance of sorting, which will be fixed above 3 sorting garbage cans. They have also planned a guestbook in which hikers will be encouraged to write down what they have collected.

We did not yet have such garbage cans around the Maison du Parc, because visitors do not necessarily sort their waste. We hope that this will be the case for these three specific garbage cans !

We still need to make the “Icollect” project a reality, in particular by installing the garbage cans and building the educational panel.

Escape game in the High Fens

Erica Berghman, Virginie Slagmolen and Joren Verspeelt

Erica, Joren and Virginie developed the most complex project: an “escape game/treasure hunt” starting from the Maison du Parc, about the history and biodiversity of the place. They created their own riddles and material, for the moment in French and Dutch only. The escape game was tested for the first time by families and friends during the closing event.

The multilingual game still needs to be finalized and set up, in order to make it available for free at the reception of the Maison du Parc for visitors.