The workshops will be held in different languages (FR-DE-NL-EN). Understanding English and at least one of the national languages is enough to participate. You can not apply for only one weekend. Participants are expected to attend the three sessions.

This programme is a tentative. There might be small changes.

Weekend 1

November 2020

Thursday 5th of November:

Evening : Arrival of the participants. Activities to know each other, night walk and presentation of the High Fens

Friday 6th of November:

Meeting experts on biodiversity and climate change ; visiting a sustainable project

Saturday 7th of November:

Workshops: improving project management and teamwork skills

Sunday 8th of November:

Morning: Choosing a collective project and communication tools between the weekends

Weekend 2

January 2021

Friday 29th of January:

Evening: World cafe

Saturday 30th of January:

Workshops: communicating efficiently about a project ; priviledges and inequalities ; working in small groups on the common project

Sunday 31st of January:

Morning: planning and working together on a project

Weekend 3

April 2021

Saturday 3rd of April:

Workshops: exploring different perspectives on climate change (system collapse, geology...)

Sunday 4th of April:

Workshop: environmental activism and mental health ; work on the common project

Monday 5th of April:

Closing event: invite your friends & family! ; goodbye party

Tuesday 6th of April:

Morning: Brunch & feedback


We are collaborating with the “Réseau transition”. This non-profit has proven experience in facilitating sustainable projects. 

Pauline & Franke will be giving many of the workshops during the 3 weekends, in English, French, Dutch and German! 


Most of the programme will take place at the Scientific Station of the High Fens. 

The building hosts meeting rooms, accomodation, and is surrounded by the High Fens.